The Macau ESG Awards 2024

FMCC is proud to announce the new edition of The Macau ESG Awards 2024. Building upon the success of previous year, this edition promises to be even more impactful and inspiring.

The Macau ESG Awards is an annual event that aims to honour organisations in the categories of Best Project, Best SME, and Best NGO for their exceptional commitment to ESG principles, providing an impetus for others to follow suit.

FMCC's jury panel composed of FMCC selected jurors will be rigorously reviewing the applications with utmost confidentiality, respect, and care, selecting the winners based on the impact, innovation, and effectiveness of their ESG initiatives at international levels.

The winners will be announced at the FMCC Charity Gala Dinner 2024 on September 20th, 2024, promising to be a night of celebration for the pioneers of sustainability and social responsibility, GBA business elites, government officials and media.

Don't miss the chance to showcase your ESG initiatives on a grand stage. Apply now and let your efforts take center stage.


Application Conditions:

[Best Project]:

  • Registered company/organization in Macau

  • Submission should focus on one specific project

[Best SME]:

  • Registered company in Macau

  • Less than 100 employees

[Best NGO]:

  • NGO registered in Macau for over two years

Application Deadline: 20th August, 2024

Criteria for Evaluation:

Best Project:

  • Submission should detail one specific project that demonstrates a significant positive impact in ESG aspects; ​

  • Utilizes innovative approaches, technologies, or practices to address sustainability challenges; ​

  • Shows measurable outcomes and achievements in ESG performance; ​

  • Promotes long-term sustainability and responsible resource management; ​

  • Engages with stakeholders and the local community to address specific needs and challenges

Best SME:

  • Implements sustainable business practices that consider environmental and social impacts; ​

  • Demonstrates a commitment to outstanding ethical conduct and responsible governance within Macau; ​

  • Promotes employee well-being and fosters a positive work environment ​

  • Contributes to the local economy and supports the growth of the business community; ​

  • Engages in community initiatives and demonstrates social responsibility 

Best NGO:

  • Addresses specific environmental or social challenges through their initiatives; ​

  • Demonstrates transparency, accountability, and good governance practices; Collaborates with stakeholders and actively engages in partnerships to achieve their mission; ​

  • Shows a track record of measurable impact and success in their focus areas; ​

  • Contributes to the well-being and development of the local community

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