1. How to become our member?

You can go to our website to fill in the registration from, after you upload the registrations from, your will get a payment bill. You need to pay it in 7 days in any bank, after you finish the payment, your need to upload it on our website. Then, you will get the confirm letter later to confirm that you become our member successfully.


2. Is the database for sell? Can I make the promotion by myself in your website?

The database is not for sale. So, you cannot make any promotion via our data base. However, we can co-organize event together and we can promote it via our data base.


3. Can I cooperate with your company to organize the event?

Yes, you can. We will invite our members to come to any FMCC events for sharing experiences.


4. How to become our board member?

It has to be our member and you can suppose to our executive committee or the chairman 30 days before our General Assembly. Then, our board members will discuss and evaluate before we suggest to all members to vote for approval.


5. What is the difference between member and the board member? And how about the membership fee?

Board members will involve the strategic planning of the association while the FMCC members will not. There is no different in anything else including price.


6. Any discount or packages for more than two people join together?

In facts there is none. Our membership is for the designated representatives to enjoy our benefits. In any corporate member, if there are 3 representatives, they need to be charged an extra individual fee on the annual membership.


7. The advantage for become corporate member?

Corporate member will enjoy double of its size in any promotion and there are package prices for 2 people with a few hundred saving in annual membership fee compare to individual member.


8. Any fixed activity within one year?

We have breakfast meeting for every month, and the gala dinner for every year. But we have co-organized more than 30 events per year with different organizations for members too.


9. If I am not a member from the begining of the year,how about the charge? Is that I need to pay for whole year or pay it monthly?

Our membership fee is valid from January1st to December 31st. It will be the same price whenever you join, therefore, the earlier the better. There is no pro-rata mechanism in the calculation of the membership fee.

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