French May Associated Event - BLANC ART [Shel-ter] Exhibition Peekaboo

Thanks for joining FMCC French May Associated Event “BLANC ART [Shel-ter] Exhibition Peekaboo Preview Evening”! Cant wait to see the full-balloon ceiling on opening day!!! Thank you BLANC ART Gallery for having us!

“Shelter is not a place, it’s a feeling.” - Artist Alexandre Marreiros

[SHEL-TER] is “Something exists as a form of feelings entangled with the transmutation of time.” - Curator Emilia Tang

Exhibition time: May 20 - June 20

Address: BLANC ART Gallery - Pátio do Padre Narciso 3, Macau

Art Investment 101-Introduction of Contemporary Art Market

On 1st of November, FMCC had the great honor and pleasure to welcome Dr. Emilia Tang, Founder & Managing Director of Blanc Art, and hear from her about “Art Investment 101-Introduction of Contemporary Art Market”, during our Arts & Culture Event.


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