FMCC Young Business Club First Friday Assembly - 12 Apr

FMCC Young Business Club

Last Friday, The 1st Monthly FMCC Young Business Club Friday Assembly attracted a diverse group of 50+ attendees including professionals from integrated resorts, law, startup, technology, SME and business clubs from UM, USJ, UTM, City U. The vibrant gathering occurred at the Moon on Planet (MOP) club at the Studio City, where we engaged in lively conversations, experience sharing, and innovative brainstorming!


A heartfelt thanks to all the attendees who made this event a memorable one. Together, we are redefining the future of business and paving the way for success in Macau and beyond. The success of this Friday Assembly was only possible. Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support. Special thanks to the event sponsor MOP's team for their great hospitality!


Look forward to welcoming you to the next Friday Assembly on May 17th!


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