UNU Macau AI Conference

UNU Macau AI Conference

On April 25th, FMCC had the privilege of joining the UNU Macau AI Conference as one of the United Nations University Artificial Intelligence Network members. Our chairman, Mr. Rutger Verschuren engaged in meaningful discussions with attendees and attended the prestigious UNU VIP Dinner on April 24th.


The UNU AI Network embodies a collaborative initiative spearheaded by the United Nations University (UNU) alongside its partners. This network is envisioned as a comprehensive global platform, uniting the expertise of academia, the innovation of the private sector, the foresight of policymakers, and the grassroots engagement of civil society. The conference brought together experts and stakeholders to explore the future of AI and its societal impact.


FMCC is committed to responsible AI practices and dedicated to collaboration for positive change, and we look forward to our members generating more collaborative initiatives and fostering synergy with other members of the AI network!







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